You brave, brave thing.
One day, you’re going to
stop leaving the door open
for people who only know how
to keep leaving.
Yasmin Z, We’re All Still Learning (via larmoyante)

I could’ve sworn I was telling the truth when I told you I didn’t miss you.
— Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via larmoyante)


Yeah, iPhone 6 camera is pretty damn awesome.


Cykeem White & Alexander Dominguez.


Trigger warning: Breakfast


When I was a student, all that was told to me was how much my cultura didn’t matter. How important European art and standards are, and how totally dominant their aesthetic should be. All I wanted to do was tell my story. And I looked nothing like what is considered relevant or beautiful or important by society’s ideals. But I JUST.KEPT.GOING. Here are some of my pieces. I’m here to uplift and change who is in the spotlight. Powerful womyn of color. My indigenous sisters.


a little more progress on this cover-up back piece!  christy RULES! (the far left peony’s color is healed, the two on the right are fresh)


Jessica Pinkett | Art of Dance | NYC 2014

I had a very creative shoot with the Incredible Jessica Pinkett | She performs with a natural passion and was awesome to shoot with!

Jessica Pinkett | Facebook | A_TRIBECALLED_JESS IG | Twitter

Shot by Visions of Pass!ons | Passions_ink IG


Queen E Collection.

Model: Sira

Shot By @Oye_Diran


Coat: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Top: Suzy Shier

Shoes: Asos

Jode-Leigh, 23, Toronto